Download & join the hunt

To get up close and personal with the dinosaurs you need a smartphone (iPhone or Android) or an iPad 2/tablet.

With your trusty smart device in hand, download Layar - an augmented reality browser application. Next, download our Jurassic Science Week layer and get ready to start the hunt.

Look out for dinosaur footprint (stickers) or head to to find out where to start tracking in each State or Territory.

* Layar requires a device with a camera, GPS, compass, accelerometer and an active WiFi or mobile Internet connection. Supported devices include the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (running OS 3.1 or later), Android devices (running v1.5 or later) and Nokia C7, C6-01, E7, N8 and N97 (running latest Symbian firmware). Find out more from

** Please note, downloading and using Layar will require internet connection and data download from your phone provider.

1a. Download Layar for iOS or
1b. Download Layar for Android
2. Download Jurassic Science Week
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